Zidane reveals thoughts on Spurs, Liverpool and Mo Salah

Former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has opened up about the two Premier League sides he faced in the Champions League last season.

Madrid finished second in their group behind Tottenham but went on to beat Liverpool in the final.

The Frenchman – long linked with Manchester United – spoke about his tactics to the UEFA website.

Asked about the challenge presented by Spurs, he said: “They’re a good young team – well-balanced and very committed.

“We didn’t manage to get our game going or deal with the periods where we were on the back foot. Ultimately, however, that poor performance helped to make us stronger, as we made sure that we learned lessons from it as a team.”

Asked about Liverpool, he said: “They’re a counterattacking team that do a lot of pressing and are very quick to get the ball up to their three forwards when they win possession. They’re also a team that never give up.”

But did he give special instructions to his defenders about dealing with Mo Salah and his teammates?

“Not at all! Our game was always the same, regardless of who we were facing.

“However, we told players about the individual characteristics of opposing players, so that they were aware of specific things that those players did. I didn’t want to do too much of that, as I wanted my players to focus primarily on our own game.”