Unlike Bible stories; how Leicester City’s Judas rose in 12 pictures

How Leicester City were being beaten under Ranieri this season


Your beaten will be like a civilian wearing an Army’s uniform. How dare you win the Premier League? Do you see death and say yes?



How Claudio Ranieri was trying to fix the problem


Guys abeg pity me, this beating is not even good for my heart, not to mention my job.



Jamie Vardy and Co. when they step into the pitch for Leicester City



It seems the pitch is too thick, I can’t even feel my leg



Claudio Ranieri seeing how his boys are playing despite his pleas to them

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These boys are typing my sack letter



Leicester City players when Claudio Ranieri decided enough is enough and it is time for change


This old man is about to fool himself, Muhamadu Ranieri.


Leicester City players after Ranieri threatened for change


Shebi you can now carry your family members to come and play



Leicester City players when the heard Ranieri was sacked


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Baba Ranieri don waka, na to jollificate



How Leicester City players appeared in front of the press after Ranieri’ sack


Chai! This is terrible, Our Ranieri, grand father of Jesus



When Leicester City saw their next fixture against Liverpool


By the time we are done with you people, your own chairman will sack your destinies



How Liverpool thought this was the same old Leicester City


Jurgen Klopp: Boys! Let’s just go there and pick free three points, since FA didn’t accept Leicester City’s walkover application



What Liverpool saw 


We are playing a football game or someone threw us into a mortar and are pounding us like yam


How Claudio Ranieri was looking at his former players destroying Liverpool



See children of Judas