Transformation of Claudio Bravo from a ‘sweeper’ keeper to a ‘misser’ keeper in 11 pictures

How Pep Guardiola looked at Joe Hart when he arrived Manchester City


Who is this one? Keeper that cannot sweep, is that one even a keeper??


How Joe Hart pleaded with Pep Guardiola not to get rid of him


Is it just to sweep? I will buy broom.


Pep Guardiola unlooked and called Claudio Bravo like


Hey Claudio, time to pack your bags and join me at City. I have plenty of sweeping to do.


When analysts told Pep Joe Hart is actually a good keeper with steady hands


What of his legs? Can he sweep?


How Claudio Bravo arrived at Manchester City


Sweeper for life! We sweep for a living baby!


Claudio Bravo when they play a shot at him


Not interested in catching please. Here to sweep. Just sweep.


City fans when they saw their sweeper keeper is sweeping nothing but goals into their net


What is all this?


Joe Hart meanwhile…


Una never see anything


When Claudio Bravo decides to catch something — and that something turns out to be striker’s knees in the 18 year box!


Owo jona! This is a colossal waste of money


When City fans complain of Bravo’s uselessness and Pep tries to show them a statistics of his ‘passing’


Goalkeeper, not Xavi Hernandez.


Manchester City and clean sheet since Claudio Bravo joined the club


Enemies! Never, ever meet.