Top eight baddest football bants!

There is nothing as hilarious as social media banters in the football space, either in text or memes. Increasingly, It is becoming a popular culture among fans to throw shades at rival clubs or fans at every blip no matter how little or inconsequential.

In the banter world of football, it is the survival of the funniest and toughest. Either in victory or defeat, you are never too far from a proper social media trolling, so you can as well strike the thoughts of invincibility as nothing is called unbeaten here.

We present to you some of the baddest social media bants.


Man City more excited over Arsenal vs Barcelona

Manchester City couldn’t hide their joy after Arsenal were drawn against Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League. A number of Manchester City players still struggle to close their legs properly after they were tortuously nutmegged by Lionel Messi all through last season’s second round tie, so the thrill of watching a Premier League rival suffer the same fate got the better of them as seen in their tweet


Cech do the double over Gerrard and Messi

Messi maybe the best player in the world but that doesn’t give him a free pass from not being trolled. As a matter of fact, his brilliance sometimes makes him an easy target. Petr Cech with the help of a fan did the impossible by trolling both Steven Gerrard and Lionel Messi in the same tweet.

How is that possible? Don’t ask us- see for yourself.


Ronaldo got goals, San Marino score bants

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more goals than the entire footballing history of San Marino, one of the world’s biggest minnows in international football. Cristiano is a global icon and a proper definition of a super star in football, you would imagine if he played for San Marino, they just might have a currency in his name by now. So, San Marino has got nothing on Cristiano Ronaldo, well maybe on the pitch but on social media they do.

After scoring their first competitive game in 14 years against Lithuania in Euro 2016 qualifiers in September which happened to be a month Cristiano Ronaldo found goals hard to come by, they had this to say


West Brom still loves Odemwingie

Hope everyone still remembers the Osaze Odemwingie’s transfer saga where he refused to play for West Brom and opted for a more lucrative job of being QPR’s gateman in 2013? Well, it seems the Baggies still love their former player and they decided to give him a shout out through their Christmas ad.

Osaze was glad to make them smile though…


Guti pays Pique in his own coin

Ordinarily, it may have meant anything when Pique posted some smileys on his timeline but it was posted minutes after news broke out that Real Madrid fielded an ineligible player in their Copa del Rey clash against Cadiz.

You don’t need a detective in helping you figure it out what the smileys meant but with Karma being the female dog that it is, Barcelona drew their next league game at Valencia and little did we know that Real Madrid legend, Guti had his phone in his hands waiting for the final whistle.

At the final whistle, the only man more happier than thousands of Valencia fans packed in the stadium, Gary Neville and Rafa Benitez combined was Guti and this was his reply to Pique


Every fan fantasy came alive

Every fan enjoys seeing their rivals get trolled but what this fan managed to achieve is what most fan only fantasize about. Trolling your club’s arch-rival in a picture is great but it is perfect with one of your club’s biggest stars in the same picture and then taking it to the highest level by adding one of your club’s greatest ever player is just something else… c’mon!

A fan, Santi Cazorla and Robert Pires combined to dish out one of the biggest troll ever known to man and it is quite certain Tottenham won’t ever forget this.



Tottenham comeback but was it in grand style?

As we said, Tottenham wouldn’t have forgotten such an epic trolling that easily so they asked for help and Bayern Munich came to their aid. After Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich handed Arsenal a defeat not only to forget but also to learn from at the Allianz Arena in the Champions League, Tottenham reached out to Bayern Munich and the German giants were quite receptive



West Brom caught Bayern’s attention

West Brom was planning to have a good laugh at Felliani in Monday night fixture last season when they posted this on twitter

Some didn’t find it funny especially United’s youngster, Lindegaard and he decided to drop his two cent on the matter

An apologetic West Brom came up trying to save face after such an amateurish troll

But on Tuesday’s night Champions League game between Bayern Munich and Roma, the Bavarians had this to say

West Brom could learn a thing or two from not only Bayern’s style of play but also how to throw bants…

Which one do you consider funniest and which one did we miss out? Let us know!