#TheDebate: Should Mourinho continue as Chelsea manager or be sacked?

It’s been a rather disappointing season for Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea. Despite winning the league a few months back, Chelsea are now 15th on the table with just 11 points from 10 games following another defeat to West Ham at the Upton Park over the weekend. Now, they have been knocked out of the Capital One Cup. The poor run of results and seemingly unending controversy have raised concerns over Mourinho’s future at the club.

Here are thoughts from SoccerNation HQ’s in-house debate on whether Jose Mourinho should remain at the club or be sacked.


LARRY EGHOSA – (@LarryEghosa)

Mourinho is enduring his worst run in his 15 year managerial career after losing seven of his 14 opening games in all competitions. More critically, his record of five losses in ten league games is only one loss away from his worst total in a season (2013/2014) and it doesn’t look like this will end soon. Being a fighter, he will not call it quits but his pessimistic countenance, poor press handling and all-but-self criticizing attitude has only further plunged the club into the mire. 

That said, it will be harsh for Chelsea to fire him given the several professions of his love for the club and his willingness to remain with the club for a long time. As a result, a respectable exit by mutual consent will be the ideal solution.



JOSEPH BASSEY – (@akajoebass)

There is a popular saying in football – “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” but Chelsea have been more than broken this season. Jose Mourinho probably thought his antics would save him or cover the cracks but he never imagined results would be this bad. Like he said, he has never been in this position before and he has shown he doesn’t know how to get out of it. Sack!


IVAN DOUGAN – (@ivanlotti)

I don’t think Jose Mourinho should be sacked at this point in time. Yes, we all agree Chelsea are performing way below expectations, but sacking him should be a NO.

For starters, strong reports claim Roman Abramovich craves some stability at the club and that was a factor in handing Jose a new bumper four-year deal this summer. In previous seasons, managers have been sacked by Chelsea for less of what’s currently going on, and while Roman isn’t happy with results, there’s a feeling at the club that the owner will be more patient than he’s ever been. Hopefully those feelings are genuine and Chelsea keep him. 



ADEBANJO ADEBOLA – (@debolaadebanjo)

Jose Mourinho seems like a man at war with the world, the recent tetchiness might be referred to as habitual, but with the baggage that comes with each new weekend – the downward spiral is alarming and it’s never been this bad. There is every indication he lost control before the season even started and the war is within. Chelsea needs a break from him. #JoseOut


YUBBY NDUONOFIT-  (@YubbyThePundit)

Who would have imagined Mourinho’s job would be up for discussion 10 weeks into the football season? We can go on about how the best managers and teams cope with anything thrown at them, but we’ve got to say all teams thrive off a strong spine. Injuries and a bit of mental tiredness have played its part. At times we forget Jose’s lost his goalkeeper Courtois and that is one sore miss. Add that to the struggles of John Terry, Cesc Fabregas and Diego costa – you have your answer.  Have the results been poor? Of course. Could he have handled the media controversies better? Absolutely. Should he be fired? I honestly think it’s a bit premature.


‘SHINA PETER – (@Shina_Pitta)

Chelsea’s problems are complex and it goes beyond just Mourinho. I find it incredibly difficult to accept that Mourinho went from an excellent, title-winning manager to a terrible one that is unable to rally his team to victory. For all the talk about his controversies and comments, Jose has never been a manager devoid of controversy, yet, he delivers the goods.

Every great manager has gone through this bad patch where victories are scarce and players seem to have forgotten how to play the game and somehow, they wriggled out of it. Jose knows Chelsea like none other and with enough faith and time, I believe he will get it right.