Tensions deepen as Pogba issues staggering ultimatum over Mourinho

Paul Pogba has told his Manchester United teammates he will 100% quit the club in January if Jose Mourinho remains in charge at Old Trafford.

The pair have been at loggerheads for the best part of 12 months now and tensions between the two men appear to have reached a nadir when they clashed in training last week.

Jamie Carragher cited player power as just one factor when he explained why he has been forced to bring forward the date of Mourinho’s departure – and now it seems Pogba is ready to exercise that by effectively delivering a huge ultimatum by insisting it’s him or Mourinho who must go.

“If you’re the Manchester United owner, or CEO, you look at that and see [the situations] with [Paul] Pogba, [Anthony] Martial, [Alexis] Sanchez, Eric Bailly, different players, and the club has to ask: are they going to get rid of all them and keep a manager who never really lasts more than three years at a club?” Carragher asked.

And according to The Sun, French star Pogba has informed his United teammates he cannot be bothered to argue with his manager any more – and will simply blank him – as exemplified by his reaction to his 70th-minute substitution during Saturday’s 3-1 defeat at West Ham.

The paper claim Pogba feels embarrassed at being played in formations and with tactics that none of the team can get to grips with – many of them were certainly at a loss to explain why the United boss opted to start with Scott McTominay as part of the defence at the weekend.

Mourinho told the media after the match that refereeing decisions were to blame for the defeat rather than his tactics and while there was an element of some fortune to the Hammers’ first and third goals, the general consensus is that West Ham were much the better side and fully deserved to take all three points.

Pogba reminded the watching world of his abilities over the summer as France won the World Cup and the player is likely to have no shortage of takers should he come on to the market, with both Barcelona and Juventus keen to sign him.

And The Sun concludes that Pogba is so concerned by United’s form that he has actually told ­people close to him he is ­better off not playing in a Mourinho team.

That would tally with claims made by the United boss in his press briefing on Monday, when he suggested some players were not putting the required effort in for the side right now.

Either way, it seems a parting of ways is looking increasingly likely for Mourinho and defeat to Valencia on Tuesday night could certainly bring about that process quicker.

United have endured their worst start to a season since 1989 and are 10th in the table with just ten points from seven games.