Six Videos That Explains Zaza’s Penalty Miss

“Aim High” —Two words everyone or anyone who wanted to see you shine says to you, right from the very first time you could conjure up ‘mama’ but aiming high can also be an harbinger of ridicule as we found out in the curious case of Zaza. Simeone Zaza had one job to do on the night after he was brought in right before the final whistle and he looked like he was up for it evidenced by the staunch look on his face right until his run up did we discover he had other ideas.

The run up to his penalty that truly felt like he was setting himself up for ridicule because he was condemned to score but his worst nightmare was seeing his shoot sail into the sky like a shooting stars which landed perfectly in the hands of social media trollers and it was a carnival of trolls afterward. Here are five trolls that perfectly describe Zaza’s penalty.


To pay homage

Zaza’s ancestor must have strong ties to Africa and maybe he was paying homage to them.

‘Honor your fatherland’, isn’t that what he did?

In Zaza’s mind

The entire world was looking at this


but it couldn’t have been more different in Zaza’s mind and only a cold blooded individual would not sympathize with this sort of challenge Zaza was facing; Just look at this,

come on guys!

Childhood nightmare

We all have our childhood nightmares and one of our worst fears is that they never come to fruition but Zaza wasn’t so lucky. This was Zaza as a kid

Has the world lost it’s soft spot?

What he was listening to

Obviously Zaza had a lot of ‘me time’ before he was called on to take a penalty. He spent a significant amount of that time warming up but the most part was watching his favorite music video video on Youtube. The noise in the stadium suddenly felt like Psy’s concert and Zaza wanted to join the party.

That is not bad thing, is it?

Paying tribute to Italy

Zaza should be an Italian hero after paying such a tribute to the rich Italian pride and he also a big fan of wrestling as he drew inspiration from another Italian who is a wrestler.

How it truly played out

Truly was a mysterious penalty kick but we have fit all the puzzles together and here is what really happened

For sure the memory we will hold dear about Euro 2016, will be the shooting star called Zaza. All hail the beloved!