See who Robin van Persie chose between Fergie and Monsieur – it was a hard decision.

Robin van Persie: Arsene Wenger is the best manager in the world

Robin van Persie has claimed Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger is the best manager in the world, shocking Manchester United fans and neutrals alike.

The Frenchman recently announced his intentions to retire at the end of the current season which has sparked tributes from all four corners of the footballing world.

United fans consider Sir Alex Ferguson to be the best manager in history and would’ve expected Van Persie to say the same.

The Dutchman played under the legendary Scotsman’s guidance where he won the Premier League title in his final season at the club.

However, the former Arsenal star instead lauded Wenger as the best manager in the world which even neutrals claimed is false.

According to the Express, Robin said: “Arsene is just the best manager in the world. This is why I want him to be successful with Arsenal. He deserves it.

“I owe everything to Arsene Wenger. He has been crucial for me in my development as a player and as a person. I have only have warm memories. I enjoyed every day, every minute I worked, trained and played for Arsene.”

Robin van Persie obviously has his personal views on the matter and is influenced by how Arsene helped shape his career.

The striker also complimented Sir Alex Ferguson’s qualities when he was at Manchester United so he’s not being completely dismissive.

However, many believe that there are no comparisons between the two long standing managers and that the Scotsman is superior based purely on trophies won.

Either way there’s no doubting that with Arsene Wenger’s retirement it’s the end of an era in football that may never be repeated.