Before you say yes; Seven reasons why he must be an Arsenal fan


He is all about loyalty


An Arsenal bae never gives up on you


He will be there through those barren days


He is going through 12 years without a Premier League title, so believe us when we say he is more than prepared to walk the walk, if those long nights haven’t yielded results.


He is a river of compliments


Ladies, we know how much you love those compliments and there is no greater guy to give it to you than the guy who believed Jack Wilshere is as good as Xavi.


 No one can talk him out of loving you


More often than not, an Arsenal fan questions his love for the club like he would for you during rough times- But if anyone dares put mouth, his response will always be, is it your love?


He will never be ashamed of you


Supporting Arsenal has stripped him of any form of shame


He will celebrate you


While their mates pop champagne after winning a trophy, Arsenal fans pop champagne for finishing fourth. So whatever you accomplish, an Arsenal bae will celebrate it like the best.


He will demand that your spend


You know all those stingy baes? Not an Arsenal fan, he curse and swears at his coach for not spending. He likes to make it rain


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