Revealed: How Karius lost the respect of his Liverpool team-mates

Loris Karius; Simon Mignolet Liverpool

Loris Karius lost the support of his teammates after a video of him eating ice cream came out on social media, claims a leading Merseyside journalist.

The Daily Mail’s Dominic King says that Karius – who made a series of errors in the Champions League final – made his biggest mistake when he failed to simply keep his head down.

The German has since left Liverpool on loan for Besiktas, replaced by Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson, who has been damn-near perfect this season.

Alisson made a grave error against Leicester, but King writes that: “Alisson’s team-mates knew a mistake had been made but once he had held his hands up and apologised, the issue was closed. Not one person around him felt this could be the start of some kind of malaise”.

The same could not be true of Karius, who angered his teammates by continuing the seek the limelight despite a performance that should have been humbling.

“Slowly but surely, his actions led to trust being eroded and, for some, the video he posted to Instagram in July of him exercising and eating ice cream in California was the final straw.

“That was a time for self-awareness, to keep his head down and work but he continued to make himself a story,” writes King.