The players must take responsibility for the Old Trafford loss not Antonio Conte.

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Chelsea surrendered a goal lead to lose the game against a very average Manchester United side which is quite infuriating especially if you a Blue

How many more times can they afford to turn up to one of the biggest games of the season, turn on a performance for one half, to then give a totally unacceptable, second rate, below-par showing in the next and lose the game??

Some of the players attitude yesterday was shocking. Eden Hazard did well in the first half but then decided rather than control the ball and take people on, he tried his flicks and tricks when the ball was played to him far too often and gave away possession.

Alvaro Morata didn’t have his best day in a Chelsea shirt and it’s fair to say it was his worst so far. He was unlucky not to score after a few minutes into the game when his volleyed effort from close range hit the crossbar, but apart from that he confirmed the reason Olivier Giroud was signed. 95% of the balls played up to him did not stick, he couldn’t hold the ball up and constantly lost possession. He seemed a yard off of the pace and needs games to get back to being match-fit.

As for Willian? He was annoyingly erratic for most part. Yes, he has been excellent of late and took his goal well. In the first half both Eden Hazard and Willian looked really dangerous and United couldn’t live with either of them. However, when not given a free-kick in a couple of occasions, he decided to play the rest of the game moaning at the referee, gesticulating and waving his arms about and at some stages of the game, walking around the pitch. You are always taught when growing up to always play to the whistle for God’s sake. It was almost as if he had enough, downed tools and couldn’t be bothered because he was fed-up with the official. His second half attitude was a disgrace.

Chelsea were dominant in the first-half, a goal up and in control of the game because they played with intensity in the final third, at times looked to move the ball quickly and when they, you felt Chelsea was going to score. Manchester United were there for the taking and once again Conte’s men failed to capitalise and that’s the most frustrating thing about all this.

In the second half, intensity disappeared until they conceded their second goal which once again was another example of scandalous defending. We had no pace going forward and we made life easy for the likes of Chris Smalling who became ‘English Maldini’ yesterday

I do not blame Antonio Conte for any of this yesterday at all. His team selection was spot on and the way he set the side up to cause United problems worked with his side being a goal up and in command of the game. It’s the same players attitude in that second half that was the problem. He made his substitutions to influence the game and the only complaint I had was that it should have been Willian to come off for Pedro and not Eden Hazard. Apart from that, it was not Conte’s doing or his fault.

The same players offered absolutely nothing in the second half compared to the first and these are the people that should be looking in the mirror at themselves questioning why they have let this happen so many times since the beginning of the year.

Shocking attitude and second half performance from Chelsea, Hazard and jugbang only have ourselves to blame for the mess they are in now, it is called ‘The Fifth Avenue’