PL Stars Headlines Our Team of the Week

After the Winter break across some major leagues in Europe, club football was back to its very best. Using a 4-3-3 formation, here’s our team of the week.
Goalkeeper – Sergio Asenjo (Villarreal)
When Thor makes out with Wonder Woman, you get a child like Asenjo. Zizou’s men tried everything humanly possible to get a goal and they would probably have been successful but for Asenjo. Lorius Karius and Petr Cech need to watch the highlights of his performance.
Left Back – Konstantin Rausch (FC Köln)
The next day after Sunday is Monday is a far harder thing to predict than Koln will lose their next game; Yes, that is how poor they’ve been this season after just one win in 17 league games. To get their second victory of the season, they needed help from Russia and Konstantin Rausch stepped up with a great performance as Koln defeated Borussia Monchengladbach over the weekend.
Defender – Phil Jones (Manchester United)
Phil Jones’ biggest problem is spending too much time with the doctor but when he is fit, Jones always guarantees 101%, yesterday’s match wasn’t an exception.
Defender – Steve Cook (AFC Bournemouth)
Steve Cook temporarily owned the sky as he won an unbelievable 10 aerial duels against Arsenal but as good as that sounds, that wasn’t his greatest achievement in the match. His greatest feat in the match was dragging all of Alexander Lacazette and his beards into his pocket, and preventing him from having a single shot. He deserves a spot among Marvel’s Avengers.
Right Back – Craig Dawson (West Bromwich Albion)
West Brom finally won a football match all thanks to the heroics the English defender. He fully justified his inclusion over Nyom. He atoned for an early miss with a brilliant header after the interval.
Midfielder – Paul Pogba (Manchester United)
When Paul Pogba decides to get his hair rough, your L has been signed. He assisted 2 goals against Stoke City and controlled the game like he will be paying their salary this week. He really gave many guys points on the Fantasy Premier League.
Midfielder – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Liverpool)
Someone once described him as the ‘Poor man’s version’ of Philippe Coutinho, that is left to be seen though but against the league leaders he had a perfect midfield play to give the Reds the lead, after he’d started the game in excellent fashion. The entire Arsenal board must be gnashing their teeth for losing a player of such quality.
Midfielder – Anthony Martial (Manchester United)
The funny thing about Martial is that you never know which side of him will turn up for a game – the quick, blistering side or the one that looks like he is financially broke. However, against Stoke City, we saw the former. His feet were devastatingly quick almost from the get-go and crowned it all up with a wonderful goal.
Forward – Roberto Firminho (Liverpool)
Who is Roberto Firminho? Roberto Firminho is the Brazilian that plays for Liverpool, with an unbelievable work rate, technique and selflessness, bangs in a lot of goals but doesn’t get as much acclaim as he deserves. Firmino’s goal to put the Reds back ahead was a thing of beauty: a well-timed run, strength to barge off the defender and the most gloriously, cheeky, confident clip in off the post.
Forward – Son Heung-Min (Tottenham)
The South Korean once again lit up Wembley with his impressive display. Son continued his consistent run of good form, as his goal, assist as well as his movement to create space for other forwards were crucial in Spurs’ dynamic play.
Forward – Luis Suarez (FC Barcelona)
What Luis Suarez did to Real Sociedad, can only be described by Giogio Chellini. Perfect movement, incredible positioning and most importantly, bite. His first goal was something out of Beyonce’s curve.
Manager of the Week – Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool FC)
Article written by Patrick Echatah
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