Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona? Xavi Hernandez thinks so.

You know when you want to date a girl but you are not sure how to approach and toast her, so you beg your friend to do so for you? That is precisely what is going on between Coutinho, Xavi and Barcelona.

After witnessing what is a passionate form upgrade under Jurgen Klopp at the Anfield, Philippe Coutinho seem to have caught the eyes of the decision makers at Barcelona and they have appointed Xavi Hernandez to lead the delegation that is charged with the responsibility of bringing the Brazilian ‘home’.

“Coutinho is a player I have always thought is special — but under [Liverpool coach Jurgen] Klopp he has gone up another level, on form there are not any better midfield players in Europe.”, Xavi said with no noticeable extension of his nose.

“There are not many players that can improve Barcelona, but if you are asking me if he is one of them, on this form, I think he is. Technically he is very good. He would suit Barcelona’s philosophy well.”, the Spaniard concluded before going on to call his friends in Catalan if he did a good job of pursuing their agenda without necessarily making it obvious.

In any case, we expect efforts to carry out the mission to intensify soon.