Pep Guardiola’s spending spree in 13 pictures

Guardiola after he ended last season without a trophy


I can not take this

How Guardiola compiled the list of players he wishes to sign


How Guardiola sent the likes of Zabaleta, Sagna and Clichy away

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That is the exit door, use it!

How Guardiola stormed the transfer market


You know say money no be problem

Clubs that don’t want to sell, when they see Guardiola near their best players

who are you 2

What Guardiola and City have been offering to clubs, players and agents

meal 2

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The heartbreak of suffering relegation in 16 pictures

When Monaco heard what City paid for Kyle Walker


Na so the money plenty?

Monaco, waiting for City to come for Mendy like


Una go pay o, this thing no be play play


How Monaco insisted they will collect as much as City paid for Walker for Mendy


Pay us or no deal

Monaco owners right now


Na this business sure pass

Agents, hoping Pep Guardiola will be interested in their client like

Make we sef chop part of the money

When an agent hears Guardiola is interested in his client


Let’s go grab the money

When anyone tells Guardiola he is spending too much money


Is it your father’s money?