Mourinho issues firm response to suggestions of crisis at Man Utd

Jose Mourinho has denied that there has been disruption at Manchester United over the past week, despite reports suggesting otherwise.

Old Trafford has been in the eye of a storm this week, with the frustrating draw at home to Wolves followed by a Carabao Cup exit to Derby and more questions around the future of some key squad members.

Mourinho took the vice-captaincy off Pogba in the build-up to Tuesday’s game and the following morning remarkable footage emerged of a heated training-ground conversation between the pair.

The Portuguese would not explain what was said in the conversation that made ripples around the footballing world

Mourinho was dismissive when it was put to him that he did not need to speak with Pogba in front of the cameras, just as he was when asked if it was disruptive.

“Disruptive? I think for you it was amazing because you made a story, you made an incredible story out of 15 minutes of an open training session,” the United boss said.

“Maybe it’s your fault (he said pointing to a press officer, who says it was Premier League). We shouldn’t have 15 minutes of a training session open because what happened the other day happens many days.

Mourinho added: “Conversations with players I have many, many, many times. It was not the case but loud criticism, loud instruction happens every day.

“Coaching is about that, but you make stories out of it, so I’m happy that the rules are only 15 minutes (of open training) once a month and with situations like that it is not going to change.

“There is no chance I am going to open the training session and let you watch a training session. No chance.

“I have to train as always, I don’t care about the cameras. What confrontation?”