Morata’s slump is blip, he will be back.

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Alvaro Morata is having a testing time at the moment having drawn another blank against The Arsenal last night. It’s important to stick with him and not turn against him.

It sounds ridiculous to say it really considering the start he has had to his Chelsea career but if anything, it’s because he started so well and pretty much set the standard, when he falls below those he is seen as a disappointment.

We always here football pundits talk of strikers being judged by the goals they score and you have to agree with that statement. However, our game has evolved so much now that it’s not just about the goals they score but also their contribution to the team as a whole that has almost become as important.

Chelsea have been fortunate in recent years with Didier Drogba leading the way for a decade, for Diego Costa to come in and take that mantle to set his own standard for Alvaro Morata to now follow. I believe 100% in Alvaro Morata and his ability to do so.

At the moment it’s clear to see that he is playing with his head down, working hard but when it comes to being anywhere near the area he needs to lift his head up, play with confidence and to not rush at opportunities that come his way.

He has immense talent and a cracking ability to stick the ball in the back of the net as we have seen and just needs a goal again to kick start things for him in the side once again. That’s all it will take so its important to get behind him, back him and not turn against him.

Alvaro Morata is different class and I am sure that at the end of the season, people will look back on just how much of a contribution he has made to the team, to Chelsea’s season and with his goals.