Matteo Darmian ‘is not understanding’ why Mourinho has confined him to the bench.

Matteo Darmian must be now mistaking himself for a member of Manchester United’s technical crew given the enormous amount of time he spends on the bench. If the total number of minutes the Italian has spent off the bench since the start of the season are converted into airtime, it won’t be enough to ‘flash’ a number of the same network.

Instead of playing him, Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, has stuck with make-shift full backs and Darmian is not understanding why.

“I don’t know why, that’s a difficult question to answer,” Darmian told Rai Sport when asked.

“I certainly don’t lack determination and that is fundamental, especially during a period where you don’t play as much. From the first day I have put myself at the disposal of the team and tried to prove myself to the coach.”, he quickly clarified just in case the Manager has been spreading rumors against him like he did Luke Shaw.

Asked on a possible move away from the club, he said: “I don’t know, it’s early to talk about the transfer market. Tomorrow I return to Manchester and we have an important match against Arsenal, one everyone wants to play in.” Even though the entire world, including those in pluto, knows he will likely play no part in the game.

Poor Darmian.