Loris Karius has spoken about being elbowed by Sergio Ramos in the Champions League final

It emerged afterwards that Karius had been concussed

Loris Karius’ position at Liverpool was untenable after last season’s Champions League final.

The stopper’s two catastrophic errors handed Real Madrid victory in Kiev and he subsequently left Anfield this summer for a two-year loan deal with Besiktas.

Since then, the Reds haven’t looked back. Aside from one blunder against Leicester, replacement Alisson Becker has played a big part in Liverpool’s seven consecutive wins at the start of the new season.

Karius, on the other hand, has had mixed fortunes in Turkey so far. There have been a handful of good saves, but he has not looked his best.

Inevitably, the events of the most infamous night of his career have shot his confidence to pieces and that is something which, sadly, may well impact him for many years to come.

The only solace the ‘keeper can take is that after his side’s defeat, he was diagnosed with concussion on the back of an elbow from Sergio Ramos.

Many football fans never entirely bought that story – Ramos himself joked:

“I am only missing Firmino saying that he got a cold because a drop of my sweat landed on him.”

However, speaking to Bild, Karius has opened up about the incident and would not blame the controversial centre-back outright.

It emerged afterwards that Karius had been concussed

“I still can’t explain the mistakes I made against Real Madrid,” he said.

“I have to get my confidence back and come to terms with the past.

“I fell to the ground and thought to myself ‘what’s going on?’ I had adrenaline rushing through my blood and just wanted to play.

“But I don’t want to hide behind any excuses.”

Concussed or not, these weren’t the first mistakes Karius made in a Liverpool shirt, nor were they the last as he also made howlers in pre-season.

Jurgen Klopp ultimately had no choice but to give him some time away from Anfield.

“I have no problem with Jurgen Klopp, in fact we have a great relationship, he transferred me from Mainz,” Karius added.

Klopp brought in Alisson as Karius’ successor

“Nobody told me to leave Liverpool. I didn’t run away from Liverpool.

“I am at an age where I need to play regularly. After Alisson Becker’s transfer, I decided to move to Istanbul and join Besiktas.”

Let’s hope it works out for him. Nobody at Liverpool wishes their former number one any ill will, but it remains to be seen if he can ever truly pick himself up again.