Liverpool urged to bid £45m for Lewis sodding Dunk!

Garth Crooks has asked for a ‘consultancy’ fee from Liverpool for suggesting that they spend £45m on Brighton defender Lewis Dunk.

Dunk has been excellent this season but after spending £75m on Virgil van Dijk, we suspect that Liverpool may choose to pass on this suggestion from the BBC ‘expert’.

Crooks believes that Dunk may be the centre-half he has seen this season, which will come as a blow to Cesar Azpilicueta and John Stones.

Crooks writes:
‘It was Dunk’s performance against Watford, and again at Newcastle, that left me thinking he is a top-four defender if ever I saw one. Whether he can mentally cope in that environment would be my only concern, but in terms of his defensive qualities I don’t think I’ve seen a better centre-back this season. I’ve seen more polished performances but nothing quite so efficient.

‘It struck me that Liverpool could do themselves a great service by making an audacious move for Dunk. What would he cost – £35m in today’s grossly over-inflated market?

‘Offer £45m and I’ve no doubt Brighton boss Chris Hughton would drive him to Anfield himself. Could Brighton afford to turn that down? Alongside Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool would suddenly have two towering defenders who know how to defend. They should be paying me a consultancy for this column!’