Life of Gernot Rohr as coach of the Super Eagles in 11 pictures


Gernot Rohr when he got a call from the NFF about being hired


Nigeria or what did I just hear? Am too old for pranks.


How Gernot Rohr came for the interview


I can do this job, please believe in me or consider my age. Epp me!


When Gernot Rohr got the job


Levels don change but haters will say it is rumors


When Gernot Rohr saw the reaction of Nigerians following his appointment


Beht why are these people mad at me na. Am not even part of those people that carry broom upandan



Gernot Rohr when NFF asked if there would be a problem over small delay in payment of salary


My salary is even like savings in your account


How Gernot Rohr started preparing for life as Super Eagles manager


I must show these people that my middle name is Tactics.


How Gernot Rohr asks the Super Eagles to train


You must train like you were sent a letter of death


Picture of Gernot Rohr’s tactical board 


You must undress and flog your opponent. Take away their dignity.



When Nigeria won their first match against Zambia but Rohr asked Nigerians to take a chill pill


Make una calm down because una never see anything


Gernot Rohr after he demolished Algeria


Hunger dey blow me. Who will come and chop the next L?


Gernot Rohr when Nigerians hail him


You can call me “Baba Nla” now