The life of Gabriel Jesus in 10 pictures


When Gabriel Jesus arrived Manchester City


I no sign contract to come play nice guy here, my Jesus no reach that level. Am carrying destruction from Brazil to England


How rivals were looking at Gabriel



This Manchester City are not serious at all: why didn’t they just sign TB Joshua and Oyakhilome too?



How Gabriel started at Manchester City


Boom! Three goals in two matches. Una eye don’t clear abi una need replay?


When Pep Guardiola realized the kind of talent he just landed on with Gabriel Jesus

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Goodness me! Is this boy related to Osama, that he’s destroying people’s lives laidis?



When rivals started to notice that Gabriel Jesus is not a scam


But they told us his name is Jesus, why is he bringing so much problems? did he come from Mary or Delilah’s womb? Or did someone tell him that we killed the real Jesus?



How Manchester City fans started to forget Aguero because of Gabriel Jesus


Our saviour is here, oga john the baptist (Aguero) find somewhere to park well.



Guardiola when anybody asks about Gabriel Jesus


That is the boy I have filled with the holy spirit of 0-9-6-7-1 formation and he will lead my gospel of showing teams hell.


How injury was looking at Gabriel Jesus


You won’t calm down now, be flying up and down like your father is a landlord in England.



How injury caught up with Gabriel Jesus


Take it! And report to the doctor’s office. Your own don dey too much.



Guardiola when he heard Gabriel Jesus will be out for 2-3 months


Which kind evil spirits dey this Premier League, no respect for the name of Jesus too?