Giggs picks three Manchester United players who shouldn’t have been sold

Ryan Giggs has picked three Manchester United players who he believes the club should not have sold.

In an interview with The Times, Giggs claimed to have recommended that United sign Gabriel Jesus and Kylian Mbappe, but also mentioned those who shouldn’t have left the club.

The problem is that saying things like these are going to sound like crowing in hindsight, which Giggs is quickly making his party trick.

“I know what a Manchester United player looks like,” Giggs said.

“There have been a lot who have come through that haven’t been United players and also players who were United and shouldn’t have left.

“I’m talking about Rafael, Danny Welbeck, Jonny Evans – players who are United through and through.

“It was hard because Louis had his own ideas and you had to respect that but, yes, we had a few arguments about a couple of them.”