How Gernot Rohr has endeared himself to Nigerians in 10 pictures

When the NFF announced the appointment of Gernot Rohr as the Super Eagles coach

who are you 2

Gernot who? Is he a coach or a soap opera actor?

When fans heard about the salary he will be earning


In this recession? money that can pay all the national team coaches and even all the workers in the NFF secretariat.

When Rohr arrived and started talking about how well he knows Nigeria and the players

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You were born a supporter of the Super Eagles abi?

When Rohr won his first match in charge against Tanzania


Unneeded win, let’s see when the real matches start

When Rohr led the Super Eagles to win away against Zambia


Seems this oyinbo know wetin he dey do o

How fans looked forward to Nigeria vs. Algeria


Seems our Eagles are back, pepper them boys

How fans watched the Eagles destroy Algeria


This is our Super Eagles

Whatever Gernot Rohr says now


You are too good, you can never be wrong

When fans heard the NFF were owing Rohr some months salaries

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Are these people enemies of progress? You want this man to vex and go?

How the fans see Rohr now


Sabi man, correct guy, coach wey sabi