Fans of Manchester United and Arsenal are fighting over who the ‘class captain’ is between them

It’s no news that after causing a serious traffic at Anfield by blocking the flow of vehicle with their big bus, fans of Manchester United have finally returned to the TimeLine  – be it Facebook or Twitter. The shame of having the lowest possession since Opta started gathering stats in a year before iPhones were invented and Arsenal was still relevant in the Premier League kept them away for a while, but thanks to Fenerbahce whose players contrived to be useless, they are back!

And they are not just back, they are picking up a fight with Arsenal fans.

The cause of the fight, as you may have noticed from the tweet above, is Robin Van Persie – a special breed in the lineage of snakes, as far as Arsenal fans are concerned. There is no point rehashing that apart from Belleti who denied Arsenal fans the gracious chance of answering ‘YES’ to the question ‘Have you won the Champions League before?’, there is no one they hate more than Robin Van Persie.

Years ago, after seemingly overcoming his injury woes and going to have his best season ever, Robin Van Persie felt he had had enough with popping champagnes after finishing fourth every season and went on to join Manchester United where he ended up winning the league.

The Dutchman eventually left Manchester United and since then, his career has taken the same path as Arjen Robben’s front hair, but he returned to England yesterday with Fenerbahce and got a consolation goal – much to the delight of the Old Trafford fans.

In one word: a big fight ensued over who the class captain is because Arsenal fans had booed Van Persie with some even attempting to shoot him when he scored against them. That was one sentence and not one word, right? Apologies.

Arsenal fans dug up an ugly past:


Who do you think the ‘Class Captain’ is? Arsenal fans or Manchester United fans? Let us know!