Evolution of Hector Bellerin from a meek prodigy to a fashion icon in 11 pictures.

Hector Bellerin has established himself as not only the most fashionable footballer at Arsenal but the most fashionable footballer in the Premier League.

Bellerin has caught the eye recently with appearances at London Fashion Week and the NBA fixture between Philadelphia and Boston at The O2 Arena.

The Arsenal right-back’s fashion sense is not to everyone’s taste, with Rio Ferdinand – a man who wore a white suit with a black shirt at his Manchester United unveiling – among those to have trolled the player on social media.

But we’re huge fans of Bellerin embracing his inner fashion icon, and we’ve taken a look at his journey from awkward teenager to catwalk king

The Early Years

The tattoo has had more work done and you are not to fuck with Hector and Jon Toral, or as they like to be known among Arsenal’s youth teams, Los Muchachos Malos.

Hector’s been sent on loan to Watford and has been told about the delights of the local Oceana. Stud earring and feathers on the jumper. Lovely.


Arsenal’s first-choice right-back, two-time FA Cup winner, wanted by Barcelona, Spanish international, even more tattoos, Olivier Giroud’s barber. Bellerin is very good looking and he knows it.

Fashion Icon

If Bellerin didn’t win a GQ Men of the Year award for that suit then there is no justice in the world.

Just look at the size of that jacket. That’s the jacket Rick Grimes of the Walking Dead will be proud of.

O sha pra pra

Neil Barrett jacket, Zimmermann pyjamas, Gucci shoes/slippers. Hector is a life of a party.