Everything La Liga: Real Madrid, the official bottling company of La Liga, Barca go nuclear and PHCN should please epp Osasuna

Yesterday made it clear that whoever is writing the scripts of La Liga this season is doing it from a mental institution. Many, with  every sense of conviction have tried to protend where the defining match in La Liga will be and top of it has been Real Madrid’s trip to Celta Vigo but yesterday proved to be a mockery of any sort of precognition we think we possess.

Either two points lost or one point gained, the bigger effect of Real Madrid’s draw against Las Palmas, is that it just made the El Clasico at the Bernabeu, not only the biggest match of the season but also a title decider. Here is the sick world of “Everything La Liga”


Luis Enrique is leaving, who will miss him?

Luis Enrique announced he would be leaving after Sporting Gijon’s excursion at the Camp Nou. Rather than their 6-1 thrashing of the perennial relegation battlers, the big talking point was Luis Enrique’s imminent departure but very few are surprised. For weeks now, there has been a high usage of Andrew Liver Salt among Barcelona’s hierarchy especially when Luis Enrique’s contract talk is on the table. Their body language never suggested they planned on extending his contract and that demolition in the hands of PSG would have sealed his fate.

What legacy will Enrique leave at Barcelona? He isn’t appreciated by the board, who see him as a ceremonial coach rather than a functioning one. The brain behind their victories has always been attributed to Lionel Messi and co, and they’ve never even pretended to hide such thoughts.

Hardly do Barcelona’s hierarchy come out to glamorize and paint the work of Enrique, rather the focus has always been on the players.

Neither is he adored by the players, who don’t seem to warm up to him. They are cold and diplomatic in talking about him rather than convivial. There have never been warm hugs, pictures of him having a laugh with the team in training or those beautiful moments when players celebrate a goal with their manager. Luis Enrique has been a world of his own at Barcelona.

It is hard to think Luis Enrique’ frostiness doesn’t play a part in this as well but the club have never made it more than just business with him.



Real show first signs of bottling the league

This was supposed to be easy three points against a team who have never won at the Bernabeu. Most Barca fans probably didn’t bother watching as fans of Real Madrid thought King Solomon would be seen as a reverend father if his concubines are compared to the number of goals Las Palmas would concede. Everyone in the world was allowed to think that except Real Madrid players, who should treat every game like it is their oxygen tank.

The attitude from Real players was horrible from the first whistle as they walked over the pitch with every bit of seriousness as children in playgroup. They expected a Las Palmas side that would show them more respect than they show their fathers, one that will happily lie on the floor and get beaten like they were owed salaries. Las Palmas was anything but.

Lionel Messi has more kids than Real Madrid’s league title in the last seven years and if that wasn’t motivation enough, then what is.

After Real Madrid’s victory against Villarreal, Gerard Pique planted a classic seed which bottlers feed on and Real are gulping it fast. First signs of bottling a league race is thinking that you are competing against some powerful external forces, shifting your focus from yourselves to other things.

Tottenham fell for it when they started thinking they were competing with the rest of the world last season. In a race with Leicester City for the Premier League, Tottenham felt the entire world was behind Leicester City, piling undue and unnecessary pressure on themselves and they ultimately choked and failed.

It is chapter one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s classic textbook on mind games. Many have fallen victims of these from Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle in 1996 to Rafa Benitez’ Liverpool in 2009.

Real’s attitude was epitomized by Gareth Bale’s sending off. They were playing poorly but rather than focus on themselves, they took their frustrations on others, contesting every decision of the referee and lashing out on Las Palmas’ players.

Right now, Real Madrid are their own worst enemy


Please someone should put Osasuna out of their misery

If any team should feel hard done by, it is Osasuna, who are subjected to being beaten every other week without option of walkover. Osasuna have managed one win and seven draws this season, the rest is a three points bonanza for other teams.

A slim child in an African setting is usually hard to beat because parents would first wonder where to beat and would decide not to proceed. Despite Osasuna’ slimness after so many defeats, how teams still heartlessly beat them is a real shocker.

The only way it seems now, is Osasuna to demand their games be played only in the night and PCHN will do what they do best in taking power supply, let us now see how anybody will beat Osasuna in the dark.


Written by Joseph Bassey- follow on Twitter @akajoebass