Eleven ways Arsenal fans look forward to the Champions League every season

When the Champions League group stage draw is being made


Father Lord, the I am that am, the rock of ages, we cast and bind any spirit of Barcelona! Ludogrets is what we want!


But regardless, they still got Barcelona and other tough teams


UEFA is rigged!


How they be when the group stage games are set to kick off


We are the Gunners!! We fear no one!


First group game and they are beaten like a phone thief in computer village


Why does bad things happen to good people? Why?


Second group game and they are still handed a good defeat


What is all this?


Then they start the permutations to see how many points they need to qualify


If we beat Ludrogets at home and Barcelona beat Celtic and Nigeria’s economy improves, then we’ll qualify


How they finally be when they need a win against a small club to qualify in second place


Forget all the initial gra gra we did, abeg epp us


After managing to qualify in second place, they end up facing Barcelona in the round of 16


Why did we even bother at all?


First leg against Barcelona at home ends in a 2 – 1 victory and they be like


Who knew Messi was just a short Ramsey?


Then second leg comes and the club is thrashed 6 nil


Arsene Wenger, why?


When you remind them they said they will finish Barcelona at home