Eight ways to identify an Arsenal fan in Nigeria

Football is nothing without the fans. They are the source of motivation and revenue for footballers and football clubs respectively. Apart from the cheers and ticket fees, brand sponsorship are landed through popular followership and widespread influence.

Football fans in Nigeria have peculiar traits depending on which club they support. Here are those of a typical Arsenal fan in Naija

Most likely name

The most likely name for a typical Arsenal fan in Naija is either hope, for females, or Isaac – for male. The reason will be made known pretty soon, just hang in there.

Favorite saying

Whenever you hear things like – ‘This year is our year’, ‘Though it tarry, it shall come’, ‘Troubles may last a night but joy cometh in the morning’, you can be rest assured that an Arsenal fan is in the building. The long wait for a major trophy has turned most Arsenal fans into some sort of pastors.

See the connection with the name now, eh?

Most likely occupation

Arsenal fans are mostly pastors who encourage a lot of faith and hope. This is the same logic they apply to their followership of the club and its manager, Arsene Wenger.

Every season begins with a prophecy and ends with another dose of preaching on how it is important never to lose faith and hope, using biblical characters as models.


A typical Arsenal fan is always humble – and this is not because humility is a trait they so much cherish and deliberately try to exude but because life has humbled them. Supporting a club that is yet to win a Champions League trophy and that has not won the League in 10 years comes with some humility.

And ladies, they are the perfect guys to get down with. Boyfriend material 100%. They understand what it means to wait and hope, so you will have absolutely no problem in that regard.

Everything is a record

To be honest, Arsenal fans wish that making the most passes in a game, beating Guardiola twice and building a new stadium comes with a trophy. Years of lack, as far as a major title is concerned, has left Arsenal fans clutching on to straws. Only recently, a fan of the club was bragging about having a record of signing cute players. Really?

Henry is the alpha and omega

In the eyes of an Arsenal fan, no player – in this world and beyond – is comparable to Thierry Henry. Pele, Maradona, Messi – you name it! Henry is Arsenal’s god and by extension, a god of football at any level. Remind them he won only two Premier League titles and you are looking for trouble.

Doesn’t know what to do with Wenger

After one game, they want him fired. The next, they want his statue outside the stadium. It is unclear what Arsenal fans are more confused about between what the Champions League actually looks like – obviously because they haven’t won it – and what to do with Arsene Wenger.

They really have to make up their mind.

They always have a second club

Every Arsenal have a side club they famz, especially when their club does the usual – lose! More often than not, it is FC Barcelona. At least, they are smart enough to support a club that does exactly the opposite of what their club does – win consistently.

So, it is not unusual to hear Arsenal fans say stuffs like – “I am not supporting Arsenal tonight, I am supporting Barcelona. They are my club in Spain”. Why Barcelona though? Why not Granada? Smart Alec!


Is there anyone you think we missed out? Let us know!