He doesn’t have the looks, drives a mini cooper and extremely intelligent – The top 10 quotes that describes N’Golo Kante – by Temitope Adepoju (@theadepoju)

It is no gainsaying that the energetic central midfielder has been simply tremendous since he arrived in the Premier League three years ago winning two top flight medals with underdogs Leicester City and later at Chelsea in the process despite still playing Ligue 2 football in 2012. The zest and his quirky movement to close down opponents covering every single blade on the pitch has gotten him accolades from top players and managers from all and sundry and we pick the best of the bunch. Here they are;


Claude Makelele

“I don’t want N’Golo Kante to be compared with me. Kante can be Kante. I want him to be more than me, but I love to watch him play because you can see in him the joy. I love the kind of player like that, who plays for the team. Sometimes you see a team with big players, but for me whenever a team is winning it is because of spirit.


Thierry Henry

“I was at the Chelsea training ground last week to see Eden Hazard and noticed Kante wandering back to the changing rooms. So I went over to him and stood in front of him. And I poked him in the chest. I had to, just to check if he was real!”


Frank Lampard

“I’d say Kante is the best central midfielder in world football, I really would.”


Didier Deschamps

“In his position, he’s one of the best players in Europe and the world. I will not complain.”


Antonio Conte

“Kante is extraordinary. He brings a lot of quantity, OK, but what quality too.”


David Beckham

“To be the man mountain that he is, and the size he is, says a lot about him.”

Gary Cahill

“To come to a new club he has stepped up again and been tremendous this season. He works hard and is a humble guy off the pitch and on it he is phenomenal.”

David Luiz 

“N’Golo Kante’s history is amazing, as is his play. I love him and I think everyone has already seen that I have a good relationship with him. He was playing in lower divisions and was getting better and better and now he is one of the best midfielders in the world.”


Paul Pogba

“Everybody knows that N’Golo Kante can run for 11 players – that’s his best quality…He’s everywhere!”

Claudio Ranieri

“This player Kante, he was running so hard that I thought he must have a pack full of batteries hidden in his shorts. He never stopped running in training. I tell him: ‘One day, I’m going to see you cross the ball, and then finish the cross with a header yourself.’ He’s unbelievable.”


Written by Temitope Adepoju