#ThrowbackThursday: All the things that happened to Arsenal fans when Thierry Henry betrayed Arsenal and moved to Barcelona in 15 pictures


How Arsenal fans see Thierry Henry


Igwe, it is you we will follow because you have given us happiness



Arsenal fans when they ask them to describe Henry


How can we describe our love for Henry, when Henry is love


Arsenal fans when Henry scored a goal

meme four

Are we not going to die from diabetes laidis? becos this Henry is too sweet



Arsenal fans when they started hearing about Henry to Barcelona rumors


These press people will just be acting like lunatics with their useless stories that they carry



How Henry started to look at Arsenal


Is there any chance of me doing anything meaningful this Arsenal or my case will be too much work but nothing to show?



How Henry started to see Barcelona

December-30-Copacabana-4See better people here, I can just relax and enjoy my life- the trophies that am almost losing my destiny for at Arsenal, will just come and meet me without wahala in Barcelona.




Arsenal fans when the rumors about a move to Barcelona intensified


What is Henry looking for? Henry that has signed life and death contract with us.


Arsenal fans when they heard that Barcelona’s director are in London


All your plans will fail. You won’t take our joy away



Arsenal fans when Henry came out to say he is Gunners for life


Yaaaaassss!!!!!!! Igwe!!!!! The beginning and the end of Arsenal. Twale sir!



Arsenal fans to Barcelona fans and their directors

see your life

Can you people see how our Henry is throwing your respect inside LAWMA van. You’ve been shamed openly.



 What Arsenal fans expected next


Please Henry, do a 5,000 page document of how you will destroy Premier League teams this season



Arsenal fans when ‘the Henry to Barcelona’ story started to appear again

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This people don’t mean well for us. Are we the only club they can buy from? FIFA should just cancel this transfer window and everybody go dey their lane.


Arsenal fans when they heard reports of Henry flying to Spain


Is that where his ancestors stay or what is he going to look for there?



When you ask Arsenal fans that they said Henry will never leave


You are very close to being the first person that will have tattoos from bottle.



Arsenal fans when Henry signed for Barcelona


Is this how Jesus felt or Henry is the senior brother of Judas?