Three players who are proofs that your village people can follow you to Europe

To start with, you just have to hail our village people and their incredible powers that alters many things, including football


Many strongly believe that the only way to escape them and their wide reach, is to travel abroad. Even though we hate to be the bearer of bad news, we have to let you guys know that it ‘appyas’ our village people now have visas too.

Don’t agree? Here are three players that show that being abroad can no longer save you from your village people:

Mario Balotelli

For a player with so much talent and promise, Mario Balotelli has done many bizarre things that made people ask him this with a straight face:


Without sounding overly negative, we would like to say that the answer is an emphatic YES! The people doing Mario Balotelli are very strong, and they have followed him everywhere he’s been.

Thanks to them, his career crashed to the ground faster than Ashley Young – and only last summer he was hawked around Europe like an expired drug before Nice were nice enough to take a gamble on him.


Serge Aurier

We used to think that the people in charge of Balotelli’s case have no rival in terms of strength and reach, but recent developments have placed huge doubts in our hearts.

As if trying to prove us wrong, Serge Aurier’s village people have made a compelling argument on why they should be considered number one as far as this business of ‘doing people’ is concerned.

All the way from Côte d’Ivoire, they are ensuring that Aurier knows no rest in France.


El Hadji Diouf

Old, but gold! Remember that Senegalese player with a funny hair that came to everyone’s notice at the 2002 World Cup? Don’t remember him? Well, we don’t blame you, it’s his village people we hold firmly responsible.

His performance for Senegal at the 2002 World Cup earned him a move to Liverpool and he was expected to enjoy a gradual walk into global recognition, but thanks to a reckless behavior and a ‘rough play’ with knife, he suffered a spectacular fall from grace to a hard floor.

Diouf’s village people gained crucial international exposure and followed him everywhere!


There are several other examples, but let us stop here for today. The moral lesson in all of this is that the ‘abroad’ is no longer an escape route from your village people. They can ‘fly’, after all.

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