#TBT: Ten things those who play online betting will definitely relate with

Placing bets on football games is the new cool in Nigeria as you see people, young and old, of differing class, doing so in the various means possible. Here are ten things that punters will definitely relate with

You trying to do permutations of games in Asian, Chinese and Azerbaijan league


The hustle is real


When you are finally done with the permutations and you walk into a bet shop with all your money feeling fly


Don’t touch me please. I have the magic formula.


Other punters look at you like


Eez like this one have sure games o


When you are done placing the bet and you even tip the guy that did it for you


Dazz how we roll


It’s not even 10 minutes yet and the first club on your ticket is already losing



And then you start to refresh Livescore every 00.5sec to see if they have equalized


Hay God!

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You issuing threats to the club over the phone like that will change anything

Before I close my eyes and open it, equalize now my friend!


85 minutes into the game and they are still losing despite your shouting, so you change tactics


I’m sorry I yelled at you, please epp me.


Full time! The game is lost and so is all your money


Who did I offend, God? How will I feed myself now?


When that your fellow punter friend hit you with “try your luck again” line