TBT; The rise of Zinedine Zidane in 16 pictures

How Real Madrid carefully prepared Zinedine Zidane for a coaching role


You will one day save us from this constant embarrassment from Barcelona

How Zinedine Zidane learnt under the best managers (Mourinho and Ancelotti)


My mission is to save Real Madrid, I must become a tactical calculator

Zidane when Real Madrid were chopping the L under Rafa Benitez


Make them beat this nonsense person, make he carry em load commot for me

Zidane when Rafa Benitez was fired


Florentino, oya come do normal for your boy

Zinedine Zidane when Florentino Perez asked him if he is ready 


No bring that kind leg oo, Real Madrid is not a restaurant

Real Madrid fans when Zidane was hired


We are ready to destroy anybody including their next generation. We have our own Guardiola

But Zidane chopped the L in his first big game against Atletico Madrid


Is this Zidane not a fraud laidis?

And was again beaten like pounded yam against Wolfsburg


We are doomed! From fry pan to PHCN extension wire

Real Madrid fans when Zinedine Zidane said getting the team back to playing well is a process before the first El Clasico


Just like we are processing your sack letter already. It seems you’re a fool in multiple language.

Real Madrid before Zidane’s first El Clasico


We surrender

But Zidane turned the tide and defeated Barcelona at the Camp Nou


Ehn! abi Zidane was just pranking us before

Then Real Madrid destroyed Wolfsburg like they removed the cap of a Navy officer


Zidane is for real. Na play play before

Real Madrid form since then (including a Champions League win)


Come all ye that do gragra and we will give you rest

How people started to question Zidane’s ability as a coach


Zidane is just lucky to have Baba

But when he defeated Atletico Madrid and Simeone’s gragra tactics at the Calderon


Zidane, you sabi

When Real Madrid fans see Zinedine Zidane


We just knew you were the one. One doesn’t have bald head laidis and be empty upstairs. Oga boss!