Suffering heartbreak in football betting in 12 pictures

When you see the matches coming up and you are so sure you will win

okorocha 2

This is how I become a millionaire

How you put the matches together happily

expectations 2

Money loading, maga will pay this weekend

How you rush to stake your life savings


How you start pricing the car you will buy and the house you intend to buy on Banana Island


How you relax when the matches are being played, not bothering to check livescores

relaxed person

Let the matches just end and let me claim my money

When you finally decide to check livescores with like 10 minutes to the end of the matches and you see you are winning…


This is how I finally arrive

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Neymar’s journey to PSG in 17 pictures

…then you realize a match you predicted over 3.5 for is still goalless with 10 minutes to go

what is this2

Are this people mad?

When you refresh livescores and see that nothing has changed


When the match you said will be over 3.5 finishes goalless


This is how I played penalty to throwing

How you start cursing the team that spoiled your ticket


The worsetest team in the world, they will never win anything, they will relegate

When the coach of the team that spoiled your ticket tries to explain why they did not win

keep quiet

Agent of the devil

When people ask you want happened to you