Story of Nicklas Bendtner: From ‘Lord of Arsenal to please sign me Nottingham Forest’

It is alright to know how good you are but don’t start feeling yourself like those people who like their own picture on Facebook. Lord Nicklas Bendtner knew how good he was but when he started feeling himself was when he thought he was as good as Messi, when most coaches would gladly sign Messi’ shadow over him. Nicklas Bendtner has been a free agent before any of the big leagues were decided last season, except in France where PSG are usually champions before the league started.

Even the beggar in the story of the ‘Good Samaritan’ didn’t suffer as much rejection as Nicklas Bendtner have suffered since his long search for a club. Like the optimistic saying goes, ‘no condition is permanent’ as Nicklas Bendtner is on the verge of finding his Samaritan in Nottingham Forest with talks between both parties at an advance stage.

Rather than worry Bundesliga defenses, Nicklas Bendtner gave his own clubs Wolfsburg more sleepless night than the thought of facing Bayern Munich, and like getting married to Jennifer Lopez, Wolfsburg finally decide to terminate the marriage in April. Nicklas Bendtner, who was a former Gunner before moving to Wolfsburg, could very well have become an Arsenal legend-. but more irritating than Arsenal fans screaming for big signings, Arsene Wenger found Bendtner’s attitude more frustrating coupled with his fitness and inconsistencies.

Life has it ways of teaching us various lessons and Bendtner’s lessons of humility has been served like someone caught stealing a phone.

However, the Danish could face Arsenal after Nottingham Forest were drawn against the Gunner in the third round of the EFL Cup on September 20 at the City Ground. Imagine he gets a goal, what a story that would be.


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