The story of Messi’s new bumper £500,000 a week contract in 13 pictures

Barcelona management when they remember Messi’s contract is due for renewal


Oga sir, comma sign your new contract

Messi, knowing Barcelona will soon offer him a new contract


They will soon start begging me with millions of Euros

How some money bags try to entice Messi


This is how we will be bringing your money every week, we can even rename our stadium after you

How Barcelona table a contract offer


Your Lord sir, this is your sacrifice

How Messi rejects the bumper offer


Is this for my right leg alone or for my son?

How Barcelona return with a bigger offer


Sorry sir, the previous offer was a mistake, it was meant for Sergi Roberto

How Messi signs the contract


I am only accepting this because of my love for the club

Messi, after he signs the massive contract


The reward for disgracing some people’s fathers on the pitch

Those that have been hoping Messi will not sign and will leave Barca


The La Liga defenders that have become tired of Messi constantly disgracing them


Na so our suffer continue

How Cristiano Ronaldo starts looking at Real Madrid 


You know what is next, I am waiting.

The Spanish tax authorities looking at Messi like


Shey you have known how much your tax is

Someone somewhere who had the dream of playing football, when he hears about the deal

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How can one man make my salary for 100 years in one week