#SomeoneAskKanoPillars: How much does it cost to run a Twitter account?

Four – time champions of the Nigeria Professional Football League, Kano Pillars announced yesterday that its Twitter account would stop operating owing to ‘logistical’ reasons.

No further explanation was given and it is incredibly surprising given the huge role the social media – Twitter particularly –  plays in providing quick updates to the public as well as engaging the fans. Now, what EXACTLY do they mean by ‘logistical reasons’?

The economy might be bad but is it this bad? Could it also be that the Sai Masu Gida are cash strapped? Perhaps, the administrators of the club – Kano State Government – have reduced allocations and the club is trying to cut cost.

Even if all these were true, one is tempted to ask: how much does it cost to run a Twitter account?

Twitter is an open and free platform – no access fee, subscription or even maintenance costs. All you need to do is log-in and post content.

It is understandable that Kano Pillars would be busier now than they have probably ever been before. When you go from winning the league three consecutive times to almost battling relegation (well, not exactly but a little exaggeration won’t hurt anyone) and worse still, losing an home record that looked as though it would remain forever, you really have to get busier.

Even if that were true, another question pops up (yes, we ask a lot of questions): how much time does it take to operate a Twitter account? If you figure this one out, let us know.