‘Shina Peter: Tottenham Hotspur can be excited over the future

It is beginning to look like 2011 again for Tottenham Hotspur. A year they looked very promising with quality players like Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, Scott Parker, Van Der Vart etc. and the entire world was certain over their ability to win major titles in a matter of time.

With the expectations, came the huge disappointment. The bulk of the players were cherry-picked and the rest is now history. Just as it was back then, the expectations are beginning to build up again. Since the opening day defeat Tottenham suffered in the hands of Manchester United, the team gathered rapid momentum and has managed to avoid defeat despite facing stiff oppositions.

Warning shots was fired to other clubs with their 4-1 thumping of Manchester City who are arguably the strongest side as far as the English Premier League is concerned and as if to clear any further doubts, they almost took three points against familiar foes, Arsenal in an unfriendly terrain – the Emirates Stadium.

Spurs have a very talented and young squad tutored by a relatively young manager who is hungry for success. These are two key components needed for long-term success and more than that, Tottenham Hotspur have other things that indicates that the future is, indeed, bright and they can be excited.


Huge Financial Backing

The primary thing that separates big clubs from the small ones is financial worth. It is the reason why certain clubs get all the good players in the transfer window and are well-equipped to prosecute the season at the detriment of the others.  It is also the reason they can match pressure from other clubs over their players and provide incentives to keep them.

The bane of Tottenham’s problem in the last few years has been the constant loss of key players to rich ‘suitors’ – a feature common with other clubs in their rank. Clubs like Tottenham – over time – have become a place where players refine themselves with hopes of catching the eye of bigger clubs who offer more money and bigger ambitions. However, it looks like that would change anytime soon.

The huge upgrade in revenue distributed to Premier League clubs as a result of the increase in the sale of broadcasting rights is already a factor telling in club dealings. Only a while ago, Everton stood up to Chelsea over John Stones and said a blatant NO in the face of forty million pounds. Couple of years back, John Stones (alongside his entire family members) would have moved to Chelsea at that price.

The small clubs can now hold their own to a large extent and for Tottenham, things are about to get even a lot better. Chairman of the club, Daniel Levy announced the construction of a new stadium with 61,000 capacity as well as a two-year deal with a NFL club.

What that means is that – Tottenham would have the largest club ground in London and a massive exposure in the USA as a result of the collaboration with the NFL. A large home ground equals more room to accommodate fans at home games and an added revenue. Whilst the added revenue from ticket sales is a big deal, the bigger deal is in the deals the club can broker with brands using the increase in fan base as a leverage.

So, long-term, Tottenham is looking at the possibility of gaining huge revenue from ticket sales as well as sealing partnership deals with major brands. All of these money would be channeled into recruitment and welfare of players. They would not only be able to keep their best players, they would also be buoyant to purchase better players to complement the squad and further increase their chance of winning a major title.

An immediate example of how much funds can transform a club is Manchester City. They went from a club battling relegation in the early 2000s to one leading the title race and gradually becoming a force to reckon with in Europe.

Tottenham Hotspur are treading the same path and the prospect looks thrilling except for Arsenal fans.

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