‘Shina Peter: How big a deal is Ronaldo’s hat trick against Wolfsburg?

From the reaction that followed Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick against Wolfsburg in the Champions League yesterday, the leaders of the world won’t be wrong or out of place to declare the 12th of April – ‘World Ronaldo Day’, a public holiday where everyone does nothing but watch clips of the Portuguese and thank the god of soccer for blessing us with such talent.

Both the traditional and online media was awash with praise for Ronaldo and one either had to join in the praise singing or just step aside.

In all fairness and honesty, it was a deserved commendation. But for Ronaldo’s heroics, Wolfsburg would have progressed to the semi final of the competition at the expense of Real Madrid after securing a surprise two-nil win in the first leg of the encounter.

It was a classic case of Mary Jane in trouble and Peter Parker coming to her rescue. Where some contention lies, however, is the might of the rescue and here’s why:

It must be reiterated – again – that the first leg victory Wolfsburg recorded is shocking, more shocking than Rob Kardashian’s engagement to Blac Chyna and this is because they went into the game on the back of an ignominious three games run without a win in the Bundesliga – latest match being a three-nil drubbing in the hands of Bayer Leverkusen – and they were up against a side that is indisputably better than them. In fact, the gap as far as quality is concerned between both teams is as big as the difference in height between Osita Iheme – Paw Paw – and Nigeria’s fast obscuring act, 9ice.

On the other hand, Real Madrid went into the game just after getting an all-important victory against their biggest rivals, FC Barcelona at the Nou Camp. Confidence was high and everything was in place for them to either win or, at the very minimum, avoid defeat.

The point, from all of these, is that Wolfsburg’s victory at the Volkswagen Arena was down to a disappointing display from Real Madrid and not exactly their brilliance – if we are going to be brutally honest. Madrid’s poor defending, the primary reason for their loss, was highlighted by Danilo who was turned inside-out by Julian Draxler. Hence, the second leg, for Real, was all about righting the wrongs and to their credit, they did exactly that.

Ronaldo’s hat-trick saved his team and it re-emphasized the fact that he is a phenomenal player – a fact that was never in doubt – and also puts to rest the claim by many that he doesn’t stand up to be counted when it matters most for his club. However, for those who do not consider him the greatest ever – better than Messi, that is -, it will do little to convince them.

When stripped bare, it is a hat-trick against the eight-placed team in the Bundesliga who made their first appearance ever in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League. No hard feelings, Ronaldo and Wolfsburg. It is what it is.


Jose Mourinho ‘stupid’ to sell Kevin De Bruyne?

While Ronaldo’s hat trick took complete dominance of the social media space yesterday, the simple matter of Mourinho and Kevin De Bruyne reared it’s head again.

De Bruyne, as we all know, continued his impressive form for Manchester City after returning from an injury that kept him out for up to two months by scoring the only goal that clinched an historical semi final spot for the club.

The crucial goal and his remarkable performance made many revisit Jose Mourinho’s decision to rid of the young lad while he was at Chelsea when he could have groomed him into the star that he is now. At best, some called Mourinho stupid and at worse, others tagged him a manager with poor judgement for talent.

Let us put aside the fact that Jose Mourinho went on to sign several other players that delivered success and went on to win the League for Chelsea after the departure of Kevin De Bruyne and admit that, indeed, selling the Belgian was an error.

If, for that error, Jose Mourinho must be crucified, then the same must be done to Sir Alex Ferguson for getting rid of Paul Pogba in an ugly fashion, Arsene Wenger for refusing to sign every single player that has either won the Balon D’or or has delivered some level of success and many other managers who, at different points, misjudged the quality of players and sold them off.

The bottom line is – these things happen all the time, it doesn’t make the manager stupid. For every great player they sign, they overlook or get rid of others. Just like we tell beautiful women who complain about certain features they lack, you simply cant have it all.

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