Five reasons why Guardiola, not Mourinho, is the real special one

Manchester United legend, Roy Keane recently fell Jose Mourinho’s hands when he declared that he thinks the manager of Manchester City Pep Guardiola is the real special one, not him.

As usual, the ‘Mourinho defenders’ have all come out to defend their guy, but here are five reasons why we think Roy Keane is right:


Pep knows how to beat Mourinho

If there is anything Pep Guardiola does better than confusing the whole world with his weird 0-8-2-5-1 formation that requires goalkeepers that aren’t really goalkeepers, it is beating Jose Mourinho. He beats him too easily, like a child.




The duo have met for a total number of 16 times, and Guardiola has won EIGHT times with Mourinho managing just three. There was a time Guardiola’s Barcelona dealt with Mourinho’s Real Madrid as though they were caught trying to steal a paint of garri in Oshodi market.

You can’t be the special one and be chopping cane like this. Eez not making senses.


Better style of play

Watching Pep’s team play is similar to watching Leonardo Da Vinci create a masterpiece on a canvass. Every movement and touch of the brush brings with it a feeling of excitement and ecstasy. Watching Mourinho’s team, on the other hand, is like watching Semiu – the under bridge painter in Lagos – try to draw. Boring, lackluster and too result-oriented.


Unlike Mourinho’s team that is likely to park the bus and bore the crowd to death just to get a win, Guardiola’s team entertains and seal big wins.

In case you want to argue on which style brings better results, remember point one. Guardiola has beaten Mourinho everywhere, even in his backyard.


Start to life in England

Despite the fact that many opined that Pep Guardiola would find life difficult in England, the Spaniard is bossing things! His team presently occupies top spot in the English Premier League after beating every team they have played thus far, including – of course – Mourinho’s Manchester United at the Old Trafford.


When you are good, you are good. Pep Guardiola is in Jose Mourinho’s supposed territory, yet he is already calling the shots.


Raising new stars

If you think trying to figure out the last time Liverpool won a League title is a difficult trivia for a football fan, try asking them to name any young footballer that Jose Mourinho has modeled into a star.



Arsenal would probably win the Champions League before they come up with an answer. However, with Pep Guardiola, the list is endless.

On being appointed the manager of Barcelona in 2008, the Spaniard famously got rid of stars like Deco, Ronaldinho, and gave room to the likes of Dani Alves and Sergio Busquets who are now regarded as one of the best footballers today.

Jose Mourinho’s impatience for young players is well recorded as he ditches them for established stars in the pursuit of immediate success.


Temperament and behavior

But for the fancy suits and nice shoes, it is easy to sometimes mistake Jose Mourinho for the agberos at Ojuelegba. If there is anything he does more than losing to Guardiola, it is fighting. He fights any and everyone, without exception for profession or gender. His players, the media, club staff and even ball boys! no one is safe from Jose Mourinho.

Conversely, Pep Guardiola is a complete gentleman. The Spaniard is less controversial, maintains a good relationship with everyone, and avoids confrontation.

He goes about his business calmly, like the boss that he truly is.



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