Five of football’s most powerful love stories

Today should be Valentines’ day boxing day, we guess. Maybe not to receive gifts but to open them, for those that got some. As most of you boys open your boxers and singlet, still in the spirit of valentine we examine some of the interesting football love stories.

Manchester United and sixth position

There seems to be a tight bond between Manchester United and sixth as strong as that of Romeo and Juliet. The love affair has been raging for a long time and both have sworn not to let go of each other. They spent just one day apart last weekend and Manchester United could not wait to be back to its heartthrob the following day. Though Manchester United fans want us to believe that Manchester United is not really in love with sixth, it is sixth that has refused to let Manchester United go. On evidence of how long they have stayed together, this may be Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva rather than Tiwa Savage and her boo whose name we don’t know.

Mario Balotelli and red card

Even though Balotelli may argue that he is more in love with stupidity than with red card, we actually see no difference. Even as a striker, Balotelli will always go the extra length to make sure he spends some time with his heartthrob. Jose Mourinho sums up Balotelli’s undying love for red card with these quoted statements when the Italian played under him at Inter Milan.

“Mario got a yellow card in the 42nd minute, so when I got to the dressing room at half-time I spend about 14 minutes of the 15 available speaking only to Mario.

“I said to him: ‘Mario, I cannot change you, I have no strikers on the bench, so don’t touch anybody and play only with the ball. If we lose the ball no reaction. If someone provokes you, no reaction, if the referee makes a mistake, no reaction.’
“The 46th minute – red card!”

Arsene Wenger and fourth position

This is an epic love story that needs to be made into a telenovela series. It goes like this, Diego (Arsene Wenger) is madly in love with Vanessa (Fourth). Diego (Arsene) does not see anything wrong with Vanessa (Fourth) even when people thinks he deserves and can get someone better. They think he should be dating Gabriella (First), who is more beautiful and classier. To everyone’s surprise, Diego’s (Arsene) father, Arsenal does not see anything bad with Arsene’s escapades with fourth.  Even though some family members (the fans) are not happy with Diego (Arsene). Even though Diego (Arsene) pretends to be love with Gabriella (First) for some times and spends time flirting with her, he ends up going back to his true love – Vanessa (Fourth). Hope we have done this story justice; it will surely be a viewer’s delight.

Jose Mourinho and journalists

Jose Mourinho is definitely the journalists delight, he always has some interesting moments with them. He comes to the press conferences having some interesting things to say. From going on a seven minutes rant to answer just one question, to walking out of press conferences. He once responded to a journalist who asked him why he was infuriated after an unfavorable result by walking out saying the journalist won’t ask the question if he (the journalist) knows about football. We sense he always look forward to spending time with the journalists and just like many love stories, they have little fights. You know how you like spending time with bae but spend most of the time having love fights.

Pep Guardiola and formation

Pep Guardiola is so obsessed with formation that he pays extra attention to it. Guardiola could play 1-8-1, 2-9-0 and whatever formation. He could also decide to play a midfielder in goal. Guardiola does everything and anything with formation. Fondling, caressing, tweaking and flirting with formation is Guardiola’s favorite moments.No matter what public opinion is, Guardiola won’t stop flirting with formation.