Dhee Sylvester: Why Chelsea need to part ways with Jose Mourinho

He had just gone level with Bill Shankly, Stan Cullis, and Arsene Wenger on three Premier League titles. The match had been won, the performance though had played out as tepid as it had been in previous games. The smile beamed across his lips as he took his seat, the packed press room seemingly waiting for him to deliver his victory speech. First, he fended off criticism of his team’s style and approach before dropping a bizzare Portuguese proverb – “the dogs bark, and the caravan goes by”.

Fast-forward six months later, the dogs aren’t only still barking, they are now biting at his heels. Ask him why, and his most likely response would be that it must be because his name is Jose Mourinho. That in itself is an issue on its own.

Never before has Mourinho lost seven league games in one season and never before has Chelsea lost three consecutive league games since Roman Abramovich’s takeover. At the moment, it seems for Chelsea to turn their season around, there may be need for two more firsts; Abramovich parting with the same manager twice, and Mourinho parting with a club twice.

Make no mistakes about it, Chelsea didn’t deserve the loss they suffered against Stoke and in fact, their first-half performance was one of the better ones they have had this season. But then again, in football,  you don’t get what you deserve, most times you get what you play for. Chelsea aren’t playing as bad as the table looks but we said that
three weeks ago and they are still only two points and a place above the drop zone. Something has to give.

At the end of the day, when the manager can’t tell what the problem is, there is no need believing in him to find solutions. The only thing keeping Mourinho as Chelsea manager is his reputation. If the players were playing as poorly as they have been under any other manager, he would have been long gone. Mourinho’s reputation was earned by years of success and without a doubt, he is one of the best in the business. However, if one of the best in the business can’t get the job done, it’s best to start looking elsewhere.

Chelsea need more than a siege mentality approach to overcoming their current struggles and given that success is mostly all he has known in his managerial career, Mourinho hasn’t proven he is the kind of manager you want in charge of your team if it wont be challenging at the top. Chelsea aren’t going to win the league, they will most likely get knocked out of the Champions League in the next round, and their chances of winning the FA Cup is the same as all of the teams still in the competition – even worse than some when you consider current form.

Chelsea, basically, have gotten to a point where they need to save their season before thinking of winning anything. Mourinho may be a great manager but whatever he is doing to change the club’s fortune isn’t yielding any fruit as it appears the players are either not with him on it or it’s not just good enough.

The club needs a kick and some of the players need a fresh start too. With Mourinho remaining in charge, none of that is going to happen. Chelsea’s football has been below the level required of them as a club for way too long and for whatever it’s worth, Abrahamovich would only be doing the club and it’s future a favor by getting rid of Mourinho.

In the final analysis, Mourinho has had enough time to turn things around and he has failed to do so, instead, he chose to play victim and picked up needless fights with those he shouldn’t. Chelsea needs a break from his ways — perhaps just has much as he needs a break from the game.

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